TRIO is a full service  manufacturer & exporter  established on 1998, has 20years experience in leather goods, like protective shell, pouch, cases, wallet, organizer, portfolio, etc.

With our own fty located in Longgang, Shenzhen, with our own development department and our sample master, you could think of us as your right hand in China.

Bring us a need, an idea, a product, and we will go to work for you providing all the services & deliver amazing merchandise at low cost.

Trio’s mission is to “Make Your Work Easier”.

TRIO is not just sell products, but also provide proposals, designs and realize customer's idea into real fancy products.

Trio do designing, tooling, sampling, producing by ourselves, 

With over 120 high skilled workers and strict management, Trio provide Perfect workmanship and high end products..

Trio  provide timely delivery and high-performance goods with the best prices and muti-choices for our clients!

HONEST -- Reliable supplier is your source of satisfactory.

LOW PRICE --With our own fty to produce the goods,and linked with expert of different fields of the production.

EFFICIENCY -- Fast response, efficient work team, providing most professional service

EXPERIENCE -- 16 years experience in cooperating with famous & big companies under their strict requirement,

OEM -- Trio is an expert on OEM processing, including designing, moulding and manufacturing customize goods.

ENVIRONMENTAL -- Most of products are made by environmental material,  can meet safety request of different countries.

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